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Probably you know that most of the Russian girls are very calm, gentle and kind. If you are looking for a devoted wife, you won’t find more appropriate decision then choosing Russian woman. Besides, Russian girls are usually rather beautiful.
But sometimes it happens that a man simply doesn’t know what to start with and how to communicate with a foreign girl. Actually, we often don’t know how to chat with any girl, no matter what country is she from. So what about the person who differs from us not only by gender but also by nation, language and the way of thinking? How to date with such a girl?
The first step
Firstly, you must know that the best place for dating with Russian girls is a specialized dating site such as the one you are in now. Here you can find not only beautiful and good-natured girls but also girls who really want to date with intellectual and interesting foreign men. And if you know they really like that, why are you hesitating?
So, first of all, register and try to fill in your profile in the most interesting way. Remember that mostly a girl is deciding whether she likes to communicate with you or not mainly by looking through your profile. Be sure that your photo for her is as much important as her photo for you. Will you chat with

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Young trans-girl killed by b/f when found out

2009-06-23 15:16:37 by austingeekgirl

Man kills girlfriend of 2 years after learning she used to be a man

A Russian man has killed the girlfriend that he lived with for two years after finding out that she once was a man.

Vladimir F., 33, from Volgograd in Russia’s Volga Region, met Kamilla during a trip to St. Petersburg, Life.ru website writes. There, a charming young woman, three years ...well.

Unable to handle the revelation, Vladimir took a gun and when his girlfriend came home shot her dead.

After that he wrote a goodbye note saying he could not stand the “betrayal” of his loved one and cut his wrists open, but survived.

Vladimir has been charged with murder and is now awaiting trial at the local pre-trial detention center.

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