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3 Russian Dating Myths to Forget
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Though things are slowly getting better, the general pubic still doesn't like Russian dating sites like HRB. Why? Most people have heard one too many exaggerated horror tales and don't understand how Russian dating truly works. With that in mind, here are 3 common reasons people distrust sites like HRB and why these reasons just aren't accurate.

Myth: Russian Dating Sites Sell Women

You don’t have to be a bra-burning feminist to be creeped out by sites that sell women for marriage. However, HRB doesn't sell women at all. We're just another niche form of online dating. After all, there’s a niche dating site for almost every interest out there be it animals, writing, Star Wars, etc. So why not international dating? Global dating sites simply focus on introducing Western men to women from other regions. The women aren’t forced into marriage and men can’t buy them for a flat fee.

Myth: Russian Dating is for Creeps

Many people are wary of Russian dating sites because they think the men who use these services are violent or creepy. However, we all know that's not true. While talk shows and documentaries tend to feature weird, socially-awkward men and timid, poverty-stricken women, they do so because such characters are intriguing and scandalous, not because they accurately represent the international dating industry.

Source: Hot Russian Brides Blog

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Anyone remember the Ultra-Natashas?

2009-09-30 10:39:12 by FohemianRhapsody

Or am I dating myself?
Free of both Communist shackles and Western hypocrisy (but dripping designer labels), a pack of avaricious Natashas is infiltrating New York's social life. Gentlemen, watch your wallets.
"In northern Turkey in recent years, Russian prostitutes have been so prevalent they have even been given a nickname: Natashas. The Russian girls now so visible in New Y... first night."
"They're very passionate, very beautiful, but very tough," says a bachelor known from Bilboquet to Balthazar. "They want the big life, the money, and they give sex to get it. For a guy with a lot of money, it's great. The girls don't mind if you're older, if you're fat."
Says another East Side swain, laughing: "They are the most coldhearted girls I've ever met.""

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