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He Can’t Kiss Well – But I Love Him (For Now At Least!)

I Love Him but He’s a Terrible Kisser Kissing is one of the most intimate things that two people can do with each other. It’s almost as intimate as the act of sex because you’re connected in a truly physical way, especially if you’re using your tongue. When you think about it, you can practically call it Mouth Intercourse. It’s so intimate, in fact, that there are people that will have sex with someone but won’t kiss them unless they’re in love with them. Anyway, you get the point.

Yes, kissing is a beautiful act. However, there are a significant number of people on the earth that just don’t know how to kiss. This can, many times, be a complete turnoff for some women. They may be very attracted to a man and have all kinds of things in common with him, but the first time they kiss, he slobbers all over her face or sucks at her tongue like a vacuum cleaner. Either way, it’s not conducive to endearing him to her. The only way out of that situation is if the two of them have already formed a bond of some sort so that it’s not imperative that he knows how to kiss well.

If you’re a woman whose partner doesn’t seem to have to slightest idea of how to kiss, there are some ways to handle the situation so that it’s not a total disaster. First of all, though, you need to decide if you care enough about him to make the effort. If everything else about him is perfect, then you may want to try to see what you can do about turning his kissing into something more desirable.

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Critiquing Marxism

2002-01-02 15:18:48 by justyouraveragecitizen

Marxism’s Anniversary
Long Live (a piece of) Marxism!
by Michael Albert
Article from New Politics Symposium: The Relevance of Marxism on the
150th Anniversary of The Communist Manifesto, Winter, 1998
Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the 150th anniversary of The Communist Manifesto is that, well, who cares? The answer is: nearly no one. More, nearly no one w...g of Das Kapital, or any other event you care to name in this pantheon, getting on with doing it better is that thing.
The author, Michael Albert, works on Z Magazine, the Z Media Institute, and Z’s online operation named ZNET. He hosts a forum on ZNet, as do Noam Chomsky, Katha Pollitt, Barbara Ehrenreich, and Howard Zinn, for those interested in discussing this article or other matters.

Nuclear Waste The risks run too great

2002-02-16 12:34:39 by stopkillingusbush

We are not condemned to repeat 40 years at the nuclear brink. We can do better than condone a world in which nuclear weapons are enshrined as the ultimate arbiter of conflict. The price already paid is too dear. The risks run too great. The Nuclear beast must be changed. Its soul expunged. Its lair laid waste. The task is daunting, but we cannot shrink from it. The opportunity may not come again...egy of this kind 'is indistinguishable from an attack focused on killing as many people as possible.' (William M. Arkin, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, January/February 1997.)
LOS ALAMOS TO BUILD FROM 20 TO 80 NEW NUCLEAR WARHEADS, CALLED 'CORES.' What used to be referred to as new nuclear weapons are today called 'modifications.' (The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Nov/Dec, p.10)

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