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Dating now beautiful Russian women in Nikopol, Ukraine: NikitchenkoND

NikitchenkoND: 24 y/o female from Nikopol, Ukraine

Dating now beautiful Russian women in Nikopol, Ukraine: NikitchenkoND

  • 24 y/o female
  • Nikopol, Ukraine
  • English(Basic), German(Intermediate), Russian(Fluent)
  • Logistical manager
  • Have no children
  • 7 credit(s) to open a letter
Contact cute Russian women in Odessa, Ukraine: Velikolepnaya_Kristy

I would say that I'm an easy going and cheerful kind of lady with a good sense of humor; I am honest, confident, sociable and down to earth and have a general positive outlook on life. I am kind, sociable, responsible and caring. I am passionate, understanding, gentle, reliable, honest, witty and lonely young woman. I will be very dedicated to family life. I like doing all the usual things, such as going out to the restaurant, music concerts, theatre, watching movies at the cinema, reading books and listening to the good music. I do quite a bit of research in my life, if we go for hiking; I prefer to learn new things from the nature and environments. I love outdoors, camping, and beautiful walks through nature, traveling, sports, romantic nights.

Contact hot Russian girl in Moscow, Russia: 30625Natal

I am looking for a kind, loyal, sincere and responsible man, I am looking for a person who knows what he wants from his life, who keeps his word and who make exercises to keep fit and strong. I am looking for a man, who will give me the possibility to feel myself like a real woman, and I want him to love me and I will do my best for him because he will be loved also.

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Hello old friends -guess who?

2007-01-15 17:40:38 by -

I was engaged to a Russian girl, who lied to me and got pregnant on purpose to trap me, we were together for 3 years.
I was with an Irish girl, for 3 years, she began to drink a lot, that shifted to cocaine use and fucking my best friend.
I was with Korean girl who came from a good family, rarely drank and would have been a great fit, had I been at a more mature point of my life, 3...ls, but right now I’m with an Asian girl and we're happy together. that's all there is to it, it's not a cultural fetish or her betraying "her people". it's two people that fell in love, that's it. and to the person that's gonna comment on the size of her breasts, they're not small and if they were and that's a deal killer for you, you should rethink what's important to you.....that's all I got!

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