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Woolly mammoth extinction provides modern day lessons
Woolly mammoth extinction provides modern day lessons

Two men in front of a helicopter

UH Mānoa Assistant Professor Dave Beilman (right) and graduate student Dan Knecht (left) return from a helicopter-assisted foray into “mammoth territory” on the west coast of the Kamchatka Penninsula. (Photo courtesy Dave Beilman)

Hawaiʻi is no stranger to the plight of endangered plants and animals and the reality of extinction. Yet nothing provides quite as much scientific intrigue as the fate of the world’s largest animals.

In Hawaiʻi, there is the moa-nalo, a large goose-like duck that once roamed the islands before human arrival. In the Arctic, there is the woolly mammoth.

The cause of the extinction of the woolly mammoth, which went extinct between 10, 000 and 4, 000 years ago, has been the source of debate amongst scientists for decades. Some have argued that hunting by humans was the culprit, while others believe climate change was to blame.

According to recent findings by a research team including University

Source: University of Hawaiʻi System News

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Hello old friends -guess who?

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