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BoF Daily Digest | Confidence in China, PVH outlook, Russian spending ethos, Whistles buyback, Picture power

Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2012 campaign | Source: Paul Smith

Paul Smith upbeat about China return (FT)
��Sir Paul Smith, the UK fashion designer, is optimistic about his brand’s return to China, despite fears that the Chinese market for luxury goods is cooling.”

PVH raises 2012 outlook again on Europe (Reuters)
“Clothing maker PVH Corp raised its full-year earnings outlook for the third time this year, as it expects its European business to grow and its flagship Tommy Hilfiger brand to remain popular with shoppers.”

Russians spend it while they’ve got it (FT)
“Russia, Ms Ivanova insists, has not returned to the petrodollar-fuelled, pre-crisis days when people ‘didn’t use to count their money’ and would splash out Rb30, 000 ($940) on dinner plus a Rb15, 000 tip without thinking twice. On the other hand, neither is the country living through an age of austerity.”

Whistles conquers the ‘middle market’ of British womenswear (Guardian)
“While Marks & Spencer announced a 6.8% drop of general sales last month, another corner of the British high street has been quietly flourishing. Whistles, the clothing brand set up by Lucille Lewin in the 1980s, announced this week that it had bought back the majority of its shares from the Icelandic government, a move which has underlined its growing strength.”

Source: The Business of Fashion

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Radiation on Two British Jets

2006-11-30 10:43:40 by --

Radiation on Two British JetsBritish authorities investigating the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko have discovered low levels of radiation on two British Airways jetliners, prompting the airline to ground the planes and issue warnings to as many as 33,000 passengers who traveled in the past month on those aircraft and on a third plane grounded in Moscow, company officials said W...ng back to Oct. 25.The two planes on which radiation had been detected were grounded at Heathrow Airport on Tuesday evening and a third remained on the ground in Moscow awaiting radiation testing, an airline spokeswoman said. A company spokesman said British Airways employees were attempting to reach all of the estimated 33,000 people who traveled on those planes, mainly by telephone and e-mail.

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