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Reciprocal Unilateral Measures

Reciprocal unilateral measures” is not my favorite phrase, despite my rather considerable affection for some of the people who have made use of it. There is nothing wrong with the concept, mind you, but RUMs? Ugh.

The term is back in our discourse, thanks to the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), which has prepared an an otherwise sensible draft report on Options for Implementing Additional Nuclear Force Reductions.

My complaint with RUMs is equal parts pedantic, political and substantive. SInce this is just a draft report, consider this an open letter to the ISAB to drop a term that mars an otherwise elegant idea.

First, the pedantry. Here are some definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary

[Reciprocal] Of the nature of, or relating to, a return (in kind); made, given, etc., in response; answering, corresponding.

[Unilateral] Law. Made or entered upon by one party, esp. without reciprocal obligation on the part of another or others; binding or imposed upon one party only.The definition of unilateral is “without reciprocal obligation” — at best, “reciprocal unilateral” is nonsense. It has no meaning and, at worst, obscures what the ISAB is really proposing.

Source: Arms Control Wonk

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And the plane crash strewn all round!

2007-10-23 15:05:33 by RuffJustice

Dan Rocco
He died on April 1, 2002, in a plane crash in Gainesville, Georgia. He was an executive vice president at ChoicePoint, the firm that gained infamy with their faulty "felons" list supplied to Katherine Harris during the 2000 election in Florida. As a result of this list, thousands of voters (mostly African-American voters) were wrongly identified as felons and purged from the roll...er Lebed (52), a Russian general who played a key role in foiling the 1991 coup against Mikhail Gorbachev and ran for president against Boris Yeltsin five years later, died when his helicopter hit a high-voltage line and crashed in light fog.
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... "How conVENient." -- Church Lady

Flying isn't dangerous?

2006-02-16 16:32:50 by RoughJustice

October 25, 2002: Minnesota Democractic senator Paul Wellstone (58), his wife Sheila (58), and daughter Marcia, three campaign staffers, and two pilots were killed when their Beechcraft King Air A100 crashed on approach to the Eveleth, Minnesota airport. the cause of the crash may have been that the plane was travelling too slowly (only 85 knots) as it approached the airport. The plane should ha...eneral who played a key role in foiling the 1991 coup against Mikhail Gorbachev and ran for president against Boris Yeltsin five years later, died when his helicopter hit a high-voltage line and crashed in light fog.
February 26, 2004: Macedonia president Boris Trajkovski was killed in a plane crash over Bosnia.
... Flying isn't dangerous, it's making enemies that'll get you killed.


2003-05-16 15:03:11 by dhogaza

(1) Not really. It is true that our massive military build up put extreme pressure on the Soviet Union. It is also true that a new generation of Russian leaders, symbolized by Gorbachev, were honestly interested in reforming the system so that a return to the days of Stalinist repression would be impossible. In a sense, everyone won.
(2) Yes, but in a minor way that would've been ignored in any legal preceeding outside of the Impeachment proceedings. There was a time when Conservatives would describe lying about an affair was the honorable thing to do, to protect the reputation of both mistress and wife. Of course those were the days when Conservatism in this country wasn't synonymous with being a member of the Religious Right.

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