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Beautiful Mail Order Wives
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Beautiful Mail Order Wives – Take Action Now

Traditional mail order brides have been replaced by beautiful email order wives.

Even for the wealthiest American men, marrying a Russian or Brazilian woman with model attractiveness and professional education is fairly easy. The Internet has simplified the method of finding a woman who is younger, taller, prettier, smarter, sexier, and better-educated than one can attract at home.

The Web lets anyone search through thousands of possible brides in seconds – no matter where she is in the world.

While I consider this to be the golden age of email order brides – and not a means for nerdy or cruel adult men to exploit impoverished or compliant females – I think the opportunity will be dying within 5 to 10 years.

Here’s why:

1. Oil

Governments hide the ball when it comes to oil reserves, peak oil, and future prices for gasoline. We can’t know how high costs will go.

Electricity can be produced for your home or electric car from photo voltaic, wind, or geothermal sources, but airplanes need aviation fuel. Thousands of pounds of fuel.

Worldwide travel by passenger jet could become extremely expensive and out of the reach of a typical man looking for a mail order bride.

Source: May December Romance AbroadMay December Romance Abroad

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Re: Russian women as golddiggers

2005-07-31 19:00:10 by -

I don't think the stereotype comes from anyone we know. At least, for me, the Russian women I know aren't golddiggers.
I think most people get it from the news. There are tons of stories about Russian women as golddiggers. You see Russian women advertising on the net for husbands, you have specialized sites for Empowered News
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