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Man dies of anthrax in Russia
the Siberia (Russia)

Moscow, Aug 27 (IANS) A man has died of anthrax in Russia’s Siberia region after being infected when he handled the carcass of a sick cow, RIA Novosti reported Monday.

The incident took place in Druzhba village in southern Siberia’s Altai region, said a spokesman for the region’s emergency service.

Laboratory tests by specialists from federal agency Rospotrebnadzor confirmed infection in three people, one of whom died, he said.

Doctors said the victim died Saturday, but sought medical aid only a week after developing anthrax symptoms, when it was too late.

The man’s 11-year-old son was also infected and is now under medical supervision.

Druzhba village with a population of 740, where all the three cases had been registered, was quarantined and vaccination ordered for all animals. Stray animals are also being killed to contain the outbreak.

Seven people have been hospitalised, and a total of 32 people who came in contact with infected cattle are receiving preventive therapy. The infection is not transmitted from human to human.

Source: We Speak News

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