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What kind of guys girls likes? Sequel.
Dasha, 23 y.o. intelligent

Successful Guy

Wealth and financial security guy image makes him a successful person and a successful man. Usually, the success – it is a sign of leadership, so director and founder in the relationship – is this guy. He radiates calm and confidence. It seems that he has always been so, and it has always been.

Girls who prefer this kind of guy, love to have stability and – money. More precisely, the potential money, supported by smart housing / car / clothing / jewelry. It is evident that the demand for these guys is great.


Romantic guy loves beauty (in his opinion), and he sensual as seducer. Despite the fact that most of his sensibility manifested in words, he – passionate. This type of guys love girls who have a well-developed imagination. A warm and cozy atmosphere can be created by the Romantics, even in a crowded city or impenetrable forest. Life is beautiful with guys of this type, and tends to grace. Girls who prefer this kind of guy, carries sincerity and ability to be involved in a beautiful world.

"Normal" guy.

It is sometimes said that girls like "normal" guys. Such a "normal" guy interested in "normal" things, listening to the "normal" music, live "normal" way of living and eating "normal" food. As a child, they are not spoiled, they used the usual toys at childhood, and at school they had the usual marks. These guys are the most loyal (compared to other types of guys) in the relationship with the girls, and what they involve. "Ordinary" guy all happy in the relationship. Often these guys are showing some of the characteristics of other types of guys, and eventually upgraded into other types of guys.

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2010-04-11 16:30:53 by theaetetus

However, questions were being asked last night about why a roll-call of Poland's influential politicians and military chiefs were allowed to travel on the same Tu-154 aeroplane. Russian has withdrawn its Tu-154 fleet, the workhorse of Eastern Bloc civil aviation in the 1970s and 80s, from service because the planes are expensive on fuel and do not meet international noise restrictions. While the...le shield programme.
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