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Ukrainian women are synonymous I corresponded and talked with a 28 year old Ukrainian girl about marriage and family. We seemed highly compatible and we just spent 17 days together in Crimea. During this period everything went well except for two things. Romance and money. She was not comfortable holding hands in public and kissing in public the entire trip. In private a polite kiss on the cheek was ok. She gave me simple thank you kisses after I purchased something. There was never a passionate kiss or any private time or intimacy the entire trip. She said she thought we were compatible and she was interested in me as your friend, lover and husband. She complimented me many times on my appearance, style of dress and more. She said she had a great time with me. I discussed her reluctance for kissing, touching and being alone and she said she needed time. I explained that affection and romance were very important to me as discussed earlier in email and chat. The second thing that bothered me was her expectation that I "win" her heart by spending time and money on her with entertainment, going to the spa, many gifts not only for her but also for her sister and parents. I explained that this is highly unusual in America and considered very rude but she insisted this is normal in Ukraine

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Online dating bride wins damages

2004-11-20 21:56:52 by Fem_Nazi_wins

Online dating bride wins damages
BBC News Online
November 19, 2004
UK Edition
A US matchmaking service has been ordered to pay financial damages for introducing a Ukrainian woman to a future husband whom she says beat her.
A federal jury in Baltimore award...y Orloff of campaign group Legal Momentum as saying.
Nataliya and James Fox married in 1998 after meeting online through EI.
Mrs Fox told the court she had endured an abusive relationship and sought hospital treatment after Mr Fox beat her whilst she was breastfeeding their child.
Hospital staff testified that she had suffered bruises and broken chest bones in July 2002.

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2008-05-15 18:44:15 by HedonismBot

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Need some honest advice without harsh anger plz

2009-03-26 04:10:35 by mnbvlkjg

I have a boyfriend, him and I are both 23 yrs old, we have known each other since kindergarten. We became really close friends in highschool and started dating March of 2003. So we just had a 6 year anniversary. To give you a little info, on both of us, his family hates me....mostly because I am not wealthy....the mother is an "Americanized" Indian (as in India) his father is Ukrainian. They hav...get? He got home, and I said "you cheating on me John?" He said "let's go into the house." We get inside and I am angry, upset, and just overall hurt. I don't know what is going on....my boyfriend leaves to go hang out with some girl for 6 hours yet nothing happened?!?! Oh yeah she also drove 1 1/2 hour to talk to him and he drove 40 mins to talk to her (thats one way for each other them)!?!?!?!

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