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Change in Venue?
the dating site CEO Let’s imagine that you lived in a small village. The place to see and be seen is the town square. One day, someone catches your eye. Sadly, it doesn’t work out - that person is already interested in someone else. Undaunted, you try again. The next person is cold and clearly not interested. The third person is interested, but ultimately the relationship fizzles after three months. Disgusted, you declare, “I’m never going to date someone I meet in the town square ever again!”
Wait, what? The town square is the primary place to find people. You can’t very well go around knocking door-to-door, can you? Sure, you might run into someone at the fruit stand, or at the town well, but when people are there they tend to be focused on their errand, not on looking for a new love. Plus, there’s a village tradition that states that when someone single is in the town square, they wear a flower on their wrist. There’s no such code anywhere else in the village, so you might be wasti ...

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New, need advice CL and dating sites

2010-12-11 20:52:06 by floydbond

Recently single, looking to date and hook up sometimes. Been posting on CL - getting nowhere, except for losts of dating service ad girls, and Russians (not that I don't like russians, just looking to date locally). I dont think its just me either. I'm good looking, good body, athletic, literate, youngish. Everyday see all kinds of posts by women claiming they want exactly what I am, romantic ni... sex too. So Q1: Are there real girls on CL or is it just for girls hawking dating services and dudes meeting dudes? Q2: Are any of the dating sites, Match or XXXMatch, etc., any better at screening serious lookers willing to actually get together vs those just chatting or selling?

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