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Why a Russian woman wants a man with the money?

n today's world of low-grade television, dual morality, the almost complete emancipation - a female character is very different. Having met our immoral age with a normal, decent Russian woman, men do not know what to do, how to behave.
They do things that they seem to be correct, and their relationship with the girls start hopelessly spoiled. Or completely collapse. And then the guys together resent the entire female gender in general and his Russian girl in particular.
In modern life, alas, not without reason, extends the myth of women's access to, especially when dating online. Indeed, there is a category of very young, very stupid and incredibly bored girls whose behavior casts a shadow on the normal, decent women.
But to meet and start a family, I am sure, a normal man wants a normal Russian woman, rather than other women with her, picked up all the known science of venereal sores!
Besides, I think men do not like it when they just used to get expensive gifts and trips to restaurants and nightclubs.
One day a friend of mine said, "I need to hurry to make money!
Russian girls gifts

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Russian woman dating

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