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PHOTOS: Day trip to Brighton Beach – Brooklyn’s Little Russia


Brighton Beach Brooklyn 01

Why visit Brighton Beach, Brooklyn’s famous Russian neighborhood?

Brighton Beach Brooklyn Lifeguard

This may be the only place in New York City where you can get fresh potato dumplings, $1.99 t-shirts and a Russian-language copy of 50 Shades of Grey — all within a 5 minute walk of the beach.

Brighton Beach Brooklyn NYC vendors

Despite spending the bulk of my life in the New York City metro, I hadn’t visited this oceanfront neighborhood known as "Little Odessa" until last week. That’s when the prospect of spending a sunny day tied to my laptop in a cramped Manhattan apartment compelled me to search for easy day trips from Manhattan.

Brighton Beach Brooklyn Bathingsuits

Brighton Beach, it turns out, is an ideal weekend escape. It costs as little as $4.50– the price of a round-trip MetroCard– to spend a day window shopping and enjoying the free public beach. Of course, with a high concentration of shops and restaurants near Brighton Beach Avenue, you’re wise to bring a bit more cash with you.

Brighton Beach Boardwalk NYC 06

The only downside to visiting Brighton Beach is the time it takes to get here; it’s up to an hour on the Q train from Union Square.

Hitting the beach

Source: Downtown Traveler

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So the OP is looking

2010-04-28 08:40:48 by to_spend_lots_of_green

Room salons, Business Clubs, Villages of Widows, Missy Clubs, Room business [clubs] ... are upscale noraebangs that have large couches, and a selection of girls for one to choose from for companionship, drinking games, dancing, strip teasing, lap dancing, and extras. They frequently also have karaoke equipment and/or an on-call small live band. Most places are staffed by Korean women, but Russia...ell over a million won for an average room salon experience without the second round.
It should be noted that these are not always for men. Host bars can be found, particularly in Gangnam, which cater to affluent Korean women looking for the same pampering from Korean men. Whether any prostitution actually transpires in there is anyone's guess and is a sensitive cultural debate in itself.

If they were slender, attractive, sexy

2007-02-27 07:44:00 by Russian-ladies

You can bet they were attacked and killed by the local prostitution gangs.
Two blond, hot and sexy Russian woman could make a ton of money as prostitutes in Pattaya, the sex capital of the world. The go-go girls there are almost entirely Thai. The local sex businesses don't care to much for foreign women coming in Pattaya trying to make money by selling their bodies.
Tatiana and Liubov - were they really just watching a sunrise on the Pattaya beach?
PS. The beaches in Pattaya are pretty ugly and dirty.

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    My elderly father is stupidly thinking of going to Russia as a result of one of these online dating services. He believes everything he reads online. Is there a website that can educate him on scams relating to this.

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