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As soon as he learned that russian women was in love with Ron, he could not hide his disapproval. When she told him about the upcoming wedding, he congratulated her and wished all the best for the most somber tone. She knew why he did not want to have a new owner, but her.What an egotist! He does not want her to be happy, because it does not suit him. He prefers that she continued to lead a lonely existence without love, so that he could make only his own damn russian women! "Ketchup!" What a shameless lie! She was sure that Ron made fun of. Is this bitch did not say that Ron is trying to have the courage!Raquel introduced the favorite in the hands of these animals. Yes, it could ... the fine Rhone ... vainly resisting. She shuddered, remembering those images. "Ketchup!" This is the fruit of the imagination jealous servant.Open the front door? There is a simple explanation for all this ... Ramon again tried to undermine her credibility to Ron. In fact, what could be more natural to stand for a moment on the terrace and look at the starry sky and breathe the fresh night air! Why should he shut the door on the three revolutions?

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2006-09-19 21:02:12 by mildly_curious

Russia's dark history explains everything that the Russian immigrants do.
It decides everything for them.
It guides their thinking, their diet & their fashion, how they pray, make love, & how they vote.
The author uses history to explain "Russian peculiarities" in Israel:
attitudes toward the body & sex;
relationships & social behavior;
One day the sociologists claim that Russians reject this or that because they reject anything that reminds them of Soviet ideology or culture, & another day they say the Russians behave in a certain way because this was the norm "back home" in Soviet Russia.

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  • Avatar Dude Where can I find information on Russian dating service scams?
    Dec 24, 2006 by Dude | Posted in Russia

    My elderly father is stupidly thinking of going to Russia as a result of one of these online dating services. He believes everything he reads online. Is there a website that can educate him on scams relating to this.

    • Here's a good website to educate your poor, naive, lonely father: