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From his childhood dream of Russian girls, that makes its way to them prince on a white horse. But sooner or later they realize that it hardly makes its way, so you need to take, that is. Although in my heart they still yearn to meet the man of her dreams. What prevents them to be a Pickup?
omen, as you know, like ears. They believe the words as facts. Especially, if these "facts" expressed not directly but polunamekami. Then the girls believe anything.
What you need to create the illusion of a perfect man with words? It is necessary to know the basic women's desires. Here are a few factors that help create a fabulous image of an attractive man.
Love. Remember that your girlfriend is still (at least at heart) believes in "love till death." Therefore, do not forget to say that love - is the ultimate feeling, without which neither you nor anyone else could not exist on earth. Think poems about love, life stories, which would serve as confirmation of this great feeling.
Marriage. Any normal woman wants to find a life partner, the greater part of and deals. So, since you create the image of the ideal man

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So the OP is looking

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Room salons, Business Clubs, Villages of Widows, Missy Clubs, Room business [clubs] ... are upscale noraebangs that have large couches, and a selection of girls for one to choose from for companionship, drinking games, dancing, strip teasing, lap dancing, and extras. They frequently also have karaoke equipment and/or an on-call small live band. Most places are staffed by Korean women, but It should be noted that these are not always for men. Host bars can be found, particularly in Gangnam, which cater to affluent Korean women looking for the same pampering from Korean men. Whether any prostitution actually transpires in there is anyone's guess and is a sensitive cultural debate in itself.

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