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Spinster aunt is informed that Pussy Riot’s ideological carpet doesn’t match drapes

Madonna in Moscow

You may have noticed the Free Pussy Riot banner up there.* Mindlessly swept up in the zeitgeist of the moment, I had intended to display it for a day or two as a kind of satiric gesture making fun of the wackaloon mainstream media frenzy over the Pussy Riot case. Then, because my Internet feminist habits have become slovenly, I didn’t bother to make any editorial remarks about it. So here it still is, flapping in the breeze, without a drop of critical analysis to quench its thirst for context.

I suck.

Fortunately, the continued loom of the Pussy Riot banner has inspired a few vigilant readers to send up a blame-flare. They cite an excellent and provocative blog post on the subject at Radfem Hub. In this post a rat is smelled and the rotten insides of the Western coverage of the Pussy Riot case are subsequently excavated and run up the feminist flagpole for all seven of the world’s radical feminists to see.

[I will concede that running excavated insides up a flagpole, as well as the idea that a flagpole might even be described as "feminist", are contingencies that may only exist in a very poorly constructed metaphor. Moving on.]

Source: I Blame The Patriarchy » I Blame The Patriarchy

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Delia - end

2007-04-26 05:45:49 by writeorbust

I mentioned she was Albanian. I took that to mean she was spawned in a gypsy caravan while her father played the violin. I don't know why, I just got that impression. I admit that over time, I realized she was one of those women who was so ugly she was beautiful. I've known a couple of women like...of our healthy mental outlook and our culture of full disclosure. Even Mickey, the oldest and wisest of us, had openly copped to shitting himself, and he was a better man for it. I told him Delia should be made to come clean, for the sake of her own sanity. He said she seemed fine to him. She would to you - You're a man. He didn't know what to say to that. I suspect he realized it might be true.

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