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I am very frustrated that so many men start their search for a Russian woman without first educating themselves on the subject. As a result most just get scammed.

russian women info

russian women info

I put a list of a few things you must know before you spend a cent on this venture.

1. In order to bring a Russian woman to the US you will have to file a K-1 visa for her. It is also called a fiancee visa and the paperwork has to be filed with USCIS ( 2. Not every man qualifies for the K-1. There are income requirements (you will have to provide USCIS with the copy of your 1040 tax return for the last 3 years), among other documents you have to have proof that you had met your girl face to face (photos of you and your girl together, airline tickets, hotel receipts, etc will be needed).

3. There are many misconceptions about Russian women, i.e. “Russian women want to get out of Russia or Ukraine and come to live in America”. Things changed a lot since the 1990s so you will benefit greatly from researching this a bit further and getting to the bottom of it instead of buying

Source: Real Russian Match

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Get in touch with the local Russian community

2004-06-19 21:56:39 by aynbok

Do a little market research first, and rough out some back-of-the envelope numbers. Think of a primary market in the Russian emigrant community, with a secondary market as general literature and a tertiary market for academic women's studies programs.
If any one market opportunity looks large enough to sustain SEVERAL such ventures -- not just yours, but the inevitable competition -- I'd ...f your translations if you don't have a Ph.D. yourself. Get prominent local Russian writers to recommend the book. Include those recommendations with your proposal package to the publisher.
If the work is good, you do your marketing homework, and you approach the right publisher (not necessarily a university press, and do include UK publishers), I'm certain you'd get serious consideration.


2001-10-31 13:51:25 by THE_CONFEDERATE_MACK

Lately, there’s been a lot of bitches on the TV Monitor telling you about America this and America that, and hyping you up to kill towelheads and max your credit cards and blah blah blah. All of that is nonsense. I understand things better than most, because I abuse painkillers and zone out in the backyard on a stump of wood under the Universe’s Stars & Moonbeam and suck down Oms and vibe on thi...es around. Being American is supposed to be about being free. You get freedom by sending out freedom. Don’t put the vise grips on anybody else, unless you don’t mind that coming back on you. And if shitty stuff happens to you, learn from it. Or at least get a funny story to tell around a bonfire while sharing a plastic traveler’s bottle of Jim Beam with some other dudes.
God Bless you all.

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