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VIDEO: Russian woman filmed dancing and posing next to dead bodies

© YouTube/WildTheSmellnice

Footage of a woman smiling and dancing close to dead bodies after a fatal car crash that appeared on Russian television caused widespread outrage.


The unidentified woman was reportedly a passenger in a Subaru car that caused the crash while speeding along a highway in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

According to police, the car collided with a jeep that was parked on the hard shoulder causing it to flip over and kill the driver and his wife.

The driver of the Subaru and his three passengers were left uninjured and did not require any medical attention.

As police and rescue services pulled the dead couples bodies from the wreckage, the foursome from the Subaru swigged beer at the scene and played up to television cameras.

© YouTube/WildTheSmellnice

One of the women decided to dance for the cameras of a TV show called, ‘Emergency Call’, which had accompanied police to the scene.

Source: WotsHappening - Everyone wants to know

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