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drunk Russian metal chick So its been a week or so since I last reported back on my life in Kaz – and true to form the madness continues. Most of the last week was taken up by with interviewing a ridiculous number of candidates to work my interpreter. I made the mistake of forgetting to ask exactly how the process of recruitment works here – it seems that rather than sending in applications or a CV for a job, it is perfectly acceptable to walk in off the street and demand an interview on the spot – it was only after 17 interviews when I asked about the screening process and was told that this actually was the interview, that I realized why everybody at work thought I was mad when I said my interviews in the UK normally last 30mins and was outraged when I heard theirs where 5 mins max.
nfortunately for the 18th candidate (who was clearly an Soviet star Olympic shot putter at some point in her life) it resulted in me walking into the meeting room telling her I wasn’t interviewing any more people. Unfortunately for me she happened to not be able to speak English and just kept repeating “when do I start work”, which after 10 minutes resulted in a infuriated Tim telling her that she didn’t speak English and their was no job in Russian. It was at this point she learnt a new English phrase –

Source: Timoshka does Kaz!

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Well gee , it turns out that the

2011-01-26 11:56:47 by nowknow

Moscow airport jihad-martyrdom bombers were Muslims trained in Pakistan . Did anyone here really think it might be the Aimish or ticked off Methodists ? Or maybe wayward Raelians or drunken Jains ?
"Moscow airport bomb: suicide bombers were part of squad trained in Pakistan," by Andrew Osborn and Damien McElroy in the Telegraph, January 26 :
The two suicide bombers who carried out th..." title="Three women Russian poster">three women and one man from Chechnya was headed to Moscow.
The memo said the team had spent time in Pakistan and Iran and that one of the women had a relative with a flat in Moscow that might be used as a bomb making factory. Another group of five Islamist militants trained in Pakistan was also expected to cross into Russia soon, it added.

The vodka doesn't disinfect that?

2004-11-27 22:29:37 by AngstLee

Besides, the ones i've been emailing aren't whores. they're professional women who are tired of drunken russian men. they're honestly looking for a foreign husband.

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