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Demons! Demons! Peyrak, have mercy, have mercy on me!This name, as a blow styled pierced the heart of Angelica, amatuer russian women.Kill him! Kill him! - She began to scream wildly, noting that the nails tore his hand into the blood Nicola.Kalambredets pulled out his knife. But suddenly a monk fell and died. Everyone has heard the voice of the dwarf:- He is ready, Kalambreden.The body of a monk lying prostrate on the ground. Nicola approached and saw the bulging eyes monk.- He died from fear - boomed Black Bread. Somewhere upstairs window opened and a sleepy voiceGrowled:Who's the devil take him, speaks of the devils, when good people are asleep!It should be Jacked - ordered Kalambreden - we then do nothing more.When the people found dead the next morning a monk, then it was not a single scratch. The townspeople remembered the words of the sorcerer, burned at the Place de Greve, "Remember, month do you stand before God's tribunal."

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Well gee , it turns out that the

2011-01-26 11:56:47 by nowknow

Moscow airport jihad-martyrdom bombers were Muslims trained in Pakistan . Did anyone here really think it might be the Aimish or ticked off Methodists ? Or maybe wayward Raelians or drunken Jains ?
"Moscow airport bomb: suicide bombers were part of squad trained in Pakistan," by Andrew Osborn and Damien McElroy in the Telegraph, January 26 :
The two suicide bombers who carried out th..." title="Three women Russian poster">three women and one man from Chechnya was headed to Moscow.
The memo said the team had spent time in Pakistan and Iran and that one of the women had a relative with a flat in Moscow that might be used as a bomb making factory. Another group of five Islamist militants trained in Pakistan was also expected to cross into Russia soon, it added.

The vodka doesn't disinfect that?

2004-11-27 22:29:37 by AngstLee

Besides, the ones i've been emailing aren't whores. they're professional women who are tired of drunken russian men. they're honestly looking for a foreign husband.

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  • Avatar Dude Where can I find information on Russian dating service scams?
    Dec 24, 2006 by Dude | Posted in Russia

    My elderly father is stupidly thinking of going to Russia as a result of one of these online dating services. He believes everything he reads online. Is there a website that can educate him on scams relating to this.

    • Here's a good website to educate your poor, naive, lonely father: