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Marie-Agnes Recovery has continued in the hotel du Beautrais relatively normal. " However, a young Russian woman remained sad and playful as usual. She seemed to be permanently forgotten her crystal laugh, who for several years, amused the whole court.In Marie-Agnes began to show another side of nature. It was evident that she repents for his old sins. But as soon as she recovered, Angelica, hot older russian women, chose the moment to give her a slap.Henceforth, Marie-Agnes realized that the older sister was the only woman with whom she could have a heart. During these long winter evenings she loved to sit beside her sister, next to the fireplace, playing the mandolin, or embroidering something.Sitting like this, alone, in the quiet Hotel du Beautrais, they loved to gossip about mutual friends, and since both were biting tongues and lively mind, the sisters laughed at for a long time people of the evils that are discussed.It has been over two weeks as a young Russian woman got to her feet, but it seemed was not going to sing to leave his sister, Madame Moran. No one even suspected that they were sisters, and this fact is very amused by them.

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