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No, my dear russian women, for the sake of serenity and peace - positively not!- So, should I assume that you adhere to the decisions contained in your letter? - Yes, please. I am happy that we finally understood each other. Sit still, right? I went to the door, and Mr. Farley had to call in your bell. Before you step over the threshold, the last time I spoke to him.- Whatever happens in the future, sir - I said, remember what I have done my duty to warn you. As a dedicated attorney russian women and your family, I tell you goodbye, I never would have married off his daughter to such a marriage contract, what you force me to make for Miss Fairlie.The door behind me opened, and the valet stood in the doorway, waiting.- Louis, - said Mr. Fairlie - Mr. Gilmore and spend, and then come back to keep my etchings. Make them submit to you a good breakfast, Gilmore, make my loafers, servants, and these lazy animals that give you a good breakfast.I did not say anything, he was disgusted with me too. I bowed and silently left the room. Return train left at two o'clock in the afternoon with him and I returned to London.

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