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Nancy asks…

Anyone know any good sites for news on teenage drama shows?

I recently have become addicted to shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Does anyone know any sites that has up-to-date news about these shows and any other noteworthy dramas that may be premiering soon?
hanks, but I also want a site that will tell me about new shows I should watch.

Christian answers:

You can always go to the shows website or the TV channel it airs on website. They always have blogs there about the shows. By the way i love pretty little liars it comes out on January 3rd 2011

William asks…

What is the best “world” news website and celebrity gossip/latest fashion website?

What is a good website for world news, and also news

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Part 2

2009-09-26 05:07:07 by Drosophila

In addition, civil marriage is banned in Israel, meaning that in the small number of cases where Jews and Arabs want to wed, they can do so only by leaving the country for a ceremony abroad. The marriage is recognized on the couple's return.
Yuval Yonay, a sociologist at Haifa University, said the number of interracial marriages was "too small to be studied." "Separation between Jews and A...end a psychologist to their home to offer them and their parents advice," he said.
Motti Zaft, the deputy mayor, told the Ynet website that the municipality was also cracking down on city homeowners who illegally subdivide apartments to rent them cheaply to single Arab men looking for work in the Tel Aviv area. He estimated that several hundred Arab men had moved into the city as a result.

Former New Englander here

2005-09-14 10:47:40 by anothercog

I used to live in Boston and loved it but I think SF is just as good, if not better, particularly if you're young and single.
Some of my Boston friends came out here for the first time for my wedding a few years ago. Soon after they got back, they sold their stuff, packed up their car and moved out here and love it.
It is expensive though so you will need to have a good paying career...re a guy and single, the dating scene in SF is fantastic. Also, I think people are more friendly and easier to meet in SF than in Boston.
If you are entreprenurial, the VC money is here to get your business off the ground.
Overall I give it a thumbs up. Come check it out and explore before taking the plunge.
Of all of the cities I have lived in and visited, I like SF the best.


2005-03-06 20:37:32 by jetset_ON_THE_AIR

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