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All He Really Wanted Was a Vacation

Second Hand Goods by Jim Winter

Second Hand Goods by Jim Winter

What do a white limo, a mysterious Russian woman, and a chop-shop owner named Lenny have in common? They’re keeping PI Nick Kepler from taking his much-needed vacation. Nick didn’t want a case, not now, when he planned to get in the car and drive to wherever he wanted to rest and relax for two weeks.

The best-laid plans . . . right?

Of course Nick spends most of the Second Hand Goods by Jim Winter—the second in the Nick Kepler series—longing for the vacation he knows he’ll never get as he digs deeper and deeper into a case that involves Russian mobsters, bad cops, and international secrets.

I was caught up in this story from the beginning. It’s a great read. Jim has created a complicated plot that he wraps up with a very satisfying ending. It has all the elements of a good PI mystery including beautiful women, hired ogres that beat up on people, and reluctant hero.

Jim is a terrific writer and some of you may know him from his “My Town Monday” posts on this site. By day he’s a computer programmer and administrator and at night he says he’s a “middle-aged college study, writer, and step-dad.” He lives in Cincinnati and one of the things Jim does best is describe the area where he is. I almost feel like I know Cleveland pretty well after reading this book.

Source: Women of Mystery

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I know 3 men who did the mail order bride thing

2011-05-14 06:32:37 by wasnt-me

2 are former clients. One is a former colleague. They all know each other.
The first of them got his bride from the Phillipines. I know he's the kind of guy that likes to intimidate women. He's short and cute. His bride was about the same age as his daughter. Last I heard, they're still together.
The 2nd guy is one of the most handsome men I know. In fact, we nicknamed him "pretty Ed...happier and his wife seems very happy. She seems to have all the freedom and finances any person would want. She's much younger and she's beautiful but they really seem to have a normal marriage. He has serious issues with women and I think buying a bride vs meeting/dating seemed to work for him. One of his issues was his balding head. He just couldn't accept it and that drained his self esteem.

The Godly Christ-like Atheist Part 3

2005-04-24 16:24:36 by SciFiGuy

{In order for me, a rich, powerful King to rule over so many, and force them to listen to me, I must be selected by God or "a God" to rule over these people, otherwise they would surely riot. Secondly in the poor and ignorant person's mind they justify they're sustained suffering at the hands of they're leaders for a few short reasons. First they're leaders were selected by God, so I must obe...is.) So many in this church feel free to tell the 2, 3 and 5 year old kids to SHUT UP! My experience from they're wedding was unusual to me, my daughter was too noisy during the cult like wedding, and of course she was again shunned so I had to take her outside. My evil daughter was shunned yet it was perfectly ok for the priest and everybody else to get drunk to stupidity at the reception.

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