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Prince Harry’s Nude Photo Scandal: 4 Latest Developments
nude women painting Prince Harry‘s bare backside is causing quite a commotion — but the royal rogue is doing his best to side step the scandal.

Just after the cheeky shots of him cavorting nude in Las Vegas with a mystery woman sparked a media storm, the third-in-line to the British throne sheepishly stepped out in Los Angeles ahead of his flight back to the United Kingdom.

Wearing a blue button-down, a panama hat and shades, Prince Harry chatted with pals on Tuesday afternoon near a Venice Beach eatery. After avoiding prying questions from a reporter, the royal ducked into a dark SUV and was escorted to LAX Airport, where he hopped on a homeward-bound flight.

What will Harry face when he arrives back in Britain?

Well, there’s sure to be fallout, both within his family and the British Army Air Corps, in which he is an Apache helicopter pilot.

During a recent night in Las Vegas, a camera caught Prince Harry cavorting nude with a mystery woman in a private suite. In two blurred photos published by TMZ, Queen Elizabeth‘s grandson, 27, covers his crown jewels as he clings to a nearly naked female.

According to TMZ, the snaps were taken after Harry and his pals went down to the hotel bar and invited some women, who have not been identified, to their VIP suite at the Wynn hotel.

Source: Celebuzz

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