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Journey to the White Nights of St. Petersburg

We have traveled to the beautiful city of St. Petersburg one week to three singles accompanying page. Someone has said it is one of the most fantastic trip you made, did not expect such a beautiful city with so much activity and so many pretty girls walking down the street, casual, with great joy and sympathy.

At fifty-odd years could not believe when he said something along the street to a girl and this will propinaba a smile, stopped, listened and fell nice if you gave the phone to be at night. “Never in my life I had watched my women, I feel like in paradise.” The truth is that just walking down the street for a bachelor is an experience, as most women are very flirtatious and sometimes the ladies selling ice creams in the bars have their charm and do not know what to buy ice cream or buy them all .

Other singles that have traveled to Russia several times remarked how different it is to go one on your own or travel in groups and accompanied by a guide who knows the Spanish language and Russian mentality. When traveling alone there are many dull moments and sometimes you may feel sad or unprotected, on this trip, you get up in the morning and we start the joke and sometimes tummy hurts from laughing so hard and the fun goes on and on …… If go alone and you go on the subway, and you’re never sure where you are and can give more turns than a carousel. In a taxi you can get all that to most taxi drivers will have to explain your sites where you want to go. In the restaurant our guide is very comfortable, at least you know what you’re bringing and the well known dishes of Russian cuisine you might like or not, to eat well, cheap ….

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