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Yo, dudes: Alpha males are a myth, according to actual experts on wolves

Manosphere misogynists like to tell themselves fairy tales about women. Their favorite such tale, repeated endlessly, is one called “The Cock Carousel” – sometimes referred to in expanded form as the “Alpha Asshole Cock Carousel” or the “Bad Boy Cock Carousel.” (Hence that Rooster-riding gal you see in this blog’s header about half the time.)

Despite the different names, the story is always, monotonously, the same: In their late teens and twenties, when they’re at the height of their sexual appeal, women (or at least the overwhelming majority of them) have sex in rapid succession with an assortment of charismatic but unreliable alpha males and “bad boys” who make their vaginas (or just ‘ginas) tingle. Then, sometime in their mid-to-late twenties, these women “hit the wall, ” with their so-called sexual market value (or SMV) dropping faster than Facebook’s stock price. As Roissy/Heartiste puts it, in his typically overheated prose:

So sad, so tragic, the inevitable slide into sexual worthlessness that accompanies women, the withering tick tock of the cosmic clock stripping their beauty in flayed bits of soulletting mignons like psychological ling chi. A sadistic thief in the night etching, billowing, draping and sagging a new affront to her most preciously guarded asset.

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OK, I was completely wrong!!

2001-07-11 15:35:17 by cheburashka

I hadn't considered that women can also 'think with their dicks.' What I'm railing on is the attitude that lanesplitting is a 'rush,' or that it's a case of 'facing your mortality.' Bullshit. As I said before, if you split and you aren't in control, you're stupid. You made the same call regarding your riding partner.
Using *any* vehicle on the bridge should make you feel mortal. *Life* ma... from traffic. I don't want a frightened squid flying into my space while I'm on the road.
Lanesplitting doesn't take 'balls.' It's not an identity. It's not a statement. It's a behavior that gets you from point A to point B. Of course women do it. All motorcyclists should do it. It's not that big a deal until it gets blown up into something on a level with cliffdiving or Russian roulette.

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    Mar 07, 2012 by | Posted in Russia

    I'm looking for a website where I can email, chat, exchange contact info for free with russian women looking for american men. Only a legitimate one. I'm 21 and I have been to Europe and want to meet a Russian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, of any former soviet union block that speaks Russian. Any help would be great

    • Why do you necessarily want to meet, or date Russian speaking women? Just asking. If you are not a troll or a creep and legitimately want to meet Russian speaking women than you should move to a place in your country whic …bsites. The success rate of marrying a person from another continent without knowing them well is very low which makes the whole process pointless. You can't marry someone you don't know and expect everything to be gravy.