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Cuts, Ron Jeremy, getting fucked and hot Russian women, you know you’re going to read this…

Cutting straight in their just like David Cameron cutting into a schools budget full of poor kids or a hospital full of poor patients… or like tiger woods when he sees a pair of tits. But with more love, Ron Jeremy love, ok maybe not that big, yep the blog is back after a hiatus of a few weeks. This was down to a) technical problems, b) actually having a lot of things to do and c) ah, I just felt tired.

I can’t believe I missed not making any jokes about hot Russians . I’m sure I could have come up with something better than ‘Cold Phwarrr’ or ‘From Russia with Love’.

 So within this time we’ve had another crazy gunman in the north, I would never condone what that crazy man did but if anyone was having violent rampage thoughts then maybe a trip to Westminster might just be a grand idea? But I suppose Satan’s spawn are protected by a higher power, yep the house of Lords !!! I hear once you became a non-dom and somehow receive a title (I mean what are they really for? Why don’t we just put an end to all the crap and just say congrats rich man here’s a knighthood for tax dodging, money laundering and other crimes against the people of Britain) you get special super powers, normally along the lines of prosecution or lack of it. So what other stories have we had?

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land tajikistan crossing the border to afghanistan and being fucked by AFGHANS......Mix Russian Man Whit Iranian Woman what do u get= Tajik
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Austrian School Girl Gets Fucked Her Virginity Taken In Forest
Austrian School Girl Gets Fucked Her Virginity Taken In Forest

Desperate men now discover the power of spam

2004-08-05 09:35:55 by nonoelpayaso

The power of annoyance, actually.
Today I got this spam email from some loser in Italy - assuming the email is real. Renato Riva - that's his name - is looking for an American wife living in Florida, no less.
It starts like this:
This is a legitimate appeal for ladies only.
This means that if you are a man or a minor,it's not for you.
I'm an Italian guy,...eted.
If there are thousands of Russian women that go to usa because they find rich men and this is considered a
normal thing,then It's also normal that now me too,I'm looking for a lady.
If you are not interested,just reply "Remove me" and I will remove you from my list within 72 hours.
Renato Riva - Italy

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this USSoldier gets raped by a Dog, it looks ver funny! the soldier gets really owned xDD
US Soldier gets fucked by a Dog
Spectacular, as I did in the Cheetah Girl movies. The fact is, that sometimes women get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. My video puts this
Kiely Williams - Spectacular Music Video
two girls get scared the fuck out
two sexy ladies get fucking scared
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