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Assange sex allegations force British submission to Washington, women’s groups and EAW

Julian Assange - hated by the US government

Julian Assange – hated by the US and UK governments

Whilst the tabloids concern themselves with making money from the alleged sexual exploits of Julian Assange, the British government continues to endure acute embarrassment following his failed extradition. Britain’s subservience to the United States and the government’s insistence on supporting the increasingly discredited European Arrest Warrant (EAW), especially when targeted at alleged sex offenders, have caused questions to be asked as to whether Britain, like the US has something more serious to hide.

TheOpinionSite.org is not remotely surprised that the United States has tried to argue that the whole matter is for the UK and Sweden to decide but at the same time, the US has refused to state that it does not intend to eventually pull Assange out of Sweden, legally or otherwise.

Sweden, like Britain a close ally of the US, has form for acting with the CIA over the illegal “rendition” of individuals to countries where the US – and the UK – have used torture to extract information from people, contrary to the proclaimed policy of all the countries concerned.

Source: TheOpinionSite.org|The Latest on IPP Sentences - CRB Checks - UK Politics & Current Affairs

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2012-06-19 20:36:22 by OffTheTopOfMyHead

3 women have been Soviet/Russian cosmonauts.
Five American women have been trained as cosmonauts and launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, as well as 1 from S. Korea, 1 from France, and 1 from the UK.

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