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Big changes, same battles...
May 29, 2009. Danna and PJ tied the knot...
Life has been quite amazing. PJ and I were married in May, surrounded by family and friends, including Mike's family. We honeymooned in New Hampshire in a beautiful tiny cottage on Newfound Lake.
In July we made the decision to try to grow our family and have a baby. So... in September, I learned I was pregnant (due May 19th, placing me at almost 12 weeks). We are thrilled! Baxter is over the moon about it. PJ and I just feel so lucky to have had such luck so fast.
Unfortunately, what has accompanied the pregnancy are many unbridled emotions that I feel ill-equipped to handle, hence my writing here. Unlike my relatively uneventful pregnancy with Bax, this pregnancy has me feeling seriously ill (nauseous) all the time

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This girl totally wants me:

2009-10-08 14:08:09 by -

Hello !
You probably will be very much surprised to my letter. And where I could
find your email.
One of these days I was registered a dating site. And today to me from him there
has come the reference with your address.
And support service send me a message, as you can be my mutual partner. And I
have decided to write to you this letter.
My name Sve... I want to meet in the life the present love.
If you as well as I want to meet the present love in the life,
I think to us with you it is necessary to begin ours with you acquaintance.
If you are interested, write to me only to my personal e-mail:
Who knows, it is possible we are really harmonious with you.
I wait for your answer, Svetlana.

I went to a web-site launch party tonight

2005-02-14 23:46:25 by Testikular

It was a dating web-site, friend of a friend knew the guy who started it, so I came by. Met some nice women, although in an environment where everyone's supposed to be talking to a lot of people, it DOES feel a little weird when you've just had a really nice talk with a woman, then as you walk by she's having an equally-fascinating conversation with a different guy, a guy who's better looking and more self-assured than you feel.
They had an auction for a bunch of guys, and the money went to various charities. One girl I really liked had it bad for the cutest of the auctioned guys, a young Russian guy with long eyelashes and a great, fun attitude.
We're all monkies.

Russian bridal services..

2003-04-16 15:55:04 by favranugen

On an average day I get about 50 pieces of junk mail in my yahoo account, of which all are swiftly deleted. One caught my eye because of it's oddity. It was an ad for "meeting lovely Russian women" . I am well aware of mail order brides. One deperate guy at my workplace married one yet refuses to admit it. I myslef am happily dating a girl( from here) but nevertheless I wanted to see what this t...ke money off it. Most of these women were provocativly dressed( maybe some cheap porn for some people) which makes me think they were "asked" to wear something like this to make them more appealing, hence getting more responses from the men, who have to pay 4 bucks per reply to each woman.
Maybe I'm being too rough on this, but I just feel that this isnt that right. Anyone have a comment?

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