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Article: Turkey, Russia at odds over Middle East, Caucasus
An Armenian woman in national

YCSD continues the current collection of publications dedicated to Turkish interests in the Caucasus and interaction with Russia. The next article was written by Alakbar Raufoglu and published in Foreign Policy Jourbnal, June 3, 2012. 

Turkey’s relations with Russia have traditionally been characterized by cooperation and competition, as both sides navigate a complex regional and international environment with overlapping economic and political interests—and larger geopolitical questions.

Turkey and Russia compete—and at times work together—in their “near abroad”: in the Caucasus, the Balkans and Central Asia. And as Turkey has played a more active role in the Middle East, it has come up against long established Russian interests dating from the Cold War, most notably in Syria.

Meanwhile, the two countries are major trading partners. According to Turkey’s Statistics authority, TurkStat, Turkey’s exports to Russia reached to $6 billion in 2011, while imports hit $24 billion, reflecting the huge oil and gas import bill. Turkey imports about 60% of its gas from Russia, a dependency it is trying to reduce.

Source: YC 'Social Diplomacy' || Russia

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The phony energy crises we had last year because of bush and

2002-01-23 10:47:57 by myelectricitybill

The phony US energy crisis has deep ties to the Bush Family.
One of the prime beneficiaries of the 'crisis' is Enron Corporation and its Chairman Ken Lay, a major corporate and personal contributor to George Bush Jr.'s presidential campaign.
Even though California Gov. Gray Davis has reached into California residents' deep pockets to bail out the utility companies through emergency l...ures or the economy will suffer on a national level.
'If the federal government doesn't act, you're going to see a lot of jobs go away, a lot of business close down...' says Locke. 'We need help from the federal government immediately to help stabilize the situation.'
Is this Enron's first visible and public Bush payoff?
It just might be the best 'energy crisis' money can buy.

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Russia Today: www.russiatoday.com www.russiatoday.com February 13, 2009, 14:45 Turkey doesnt want to lose major partner Turkish President Abdullah
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Turkey remains one of Russias top economic partners, ahead of the US and the United Kingdom. That was the message of the Russian PM who
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