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Laura went to the door, I followed her, but at this time Sir Percival spoke again.- So you positively refuse to sign? - He asked Laura low voice, like a man who realized what had gone too far.- After what you said - russian women said firmly, - I refuse to sign, before the document is not read from beginning to end ... Come, Marian, we stayed here too long.- Wait a minute! - Count intervened, not allowing to speak to Sir Percival. - One moment, Lady Glyde, I implore you!Laura was ready to leave the room, paying no attention to him, but I stopped ed.-Do not make the graph as an enemy! - I whispered to her. - Do as you wish, but do not count as an enemy!Russian women listened to me. I closed the door, and we stopped at the door. Sir Percival sat down, leaning on the parchment and propping his head with his fist. Earl, the owner of what he had been everywhere, standing between him and us.- Russian women Glyde, - he said, with softness, which is rather unfortunate in our situation, than to ourselves, - I beg you to forgive me if I dare to make a suggestion. Believe me, I'm doing this only out of deep respect and sincere good will to the mistress of the house. - He turned sharply to Sir Percival. - Is it so necessary - he said - that this thing that you leaned, was signed today?

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All the concerts, all the TV performances, everything is controlled by the government, and if youre against them, they wont let you perform"
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while protesting in support of the women. The women have support abroad, where their case has been taken up by a long list of celebrities
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Ive enjoyed making this video, Im so proud of you and love you guys! Famous Syrians abroad and/or from a Syrian descent. Hope I didn'
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Hot Russian Celebs.
This clip contains violent celebrities/well known people getting pissed off at each other in front of Television Cameras...It is a long clip, and
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