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These two weeks "have passed unnoticed. Almost all the dresses are ready, arrived from London new chests for the honeymoon. Poor Laura for a whole day for a minute does not leave me. Last night when we both could not sleep, russian women came into my bedroom and crept into my bed to talk to me.- Soon I part with you, Marian, - russian women said. - While it is possible, I want to be with you more. They should get married in the church limmeridzhskoy, and glory. God, none of our neighbors are not invited to the wedding. There is one-governmental guest will be our old friend Mr. Arnold. He comes from a Posldina to give away the bride, because Laura's uncle too russian women not dare poke his nose out into a ruthlessly cold weather, which is now worth. If I had not decided as of today see everything only in glowing terms, the complete absence of male relatives Laura in such an important moment for it would give me fear for its future. But with the sadness and suspicion over, or rather - I do not want to write about them in my diary. Tomorrow has come to Sir Percival. He suggested that - if we want things to happen according to the strict etiquette - to write to our priest and ask him for the hospitality at the short time that he, Sir Percival, will Limmeridzhe before the wedding. But Mr. Farley and I have decided that bother to all sorts of petty ceremonies and rituals are not worth it. In our wild coastal backwater, in our large, deserted house, we can not ignore the prejudices that hinder urban dwellers live in peace. Thanking Sir Percival of courtesy, I said to him asking to take his old room in Limmeridzhe.

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1000 Jewels Womens Sterling Silver 1.83 carat Russian Ice on Fire Diamond CZ Contemporary Flared Bypass 2 Piece Bridal Wedding Ring Set, sz 8.0 (avail. sizes 5 to 9)
Jewelry (1000 Jewels)
  • The contemporary and unique style, flare and beauty of the Caprina makes it a gorgeous and elegant choice for a womens 2 piece wedding ring set!
  • Features a flawless 6mm, 0.75 carat, Ideal Brilliant-cut Russian Ice on Fire Diamond CZ Solitaire.
  • Made with solid 925 Sterling Silver with protective Platinum White Rhodium finish. 100% lead and nickel free.
  • The solitaire is prong set; the accent stones are channel set.
  • This two piece Bridal Wedding Ring set weighs approx. 5.0 grams.

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^^^ second that

2006-08-03 14:49:00 by frilmos

DeBeers has a huge monopoly on diamonds (read all about it in a recent issue of national geographic).
Amazinging, there're soon to be true synthetic diamonds on the market. Some guy in florida teamed up with a russian scientists to create true diamonds using carbon and pressure. I'm *all* for it. Anything that can make DeBeers run.
Diamonds aren't even as rare as they make 'em out to be. High quality emeralds, tanzanite and several other gemstones are far rarer, it's just the silly idea that "diamonds are forever" and "women of the world, raise your right hand".
Anyways, I have no qualms telling people that we don't agree with blood diamonds.

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