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A Kiss at Midnight, by Eloisa James, the second of two reviews of Cinderella retellings.
We are the Children of the Sun. We who are also the First Inhabitants of the Yesterday I reviewed Ember, by Bettie Sharpe, and today A Kiss at Midnight, by Eloisa James. They are both retellings of the Cinderella story, and very different from the story and from each other. 
I snagged A Kiss at Midnight for 99 cents awhile back. I've read several other books by Ms. James and they seem always to be the kind of book I can appreciate without enjoying. Well done, just not my cuppa. This rendering of the Cinderella story hit me in the right spot for the most part and I smiled my way through it. But there's a big Except there.
It's a little closer to the classic, but still about a mile off. This young woman, Kate, is being abused by her nasty stepmother and her none-too-bright stepsister. She's ruled by responsibility and duty. The step-sister is to go to a house party but can't, having been bitten by one of her rats dogs so Kate has to wear wigs and act flighty and take her place at the house party. (Right. People are going to be fooled by wigs. Kate is a bit of a doormat, also easily controlled by stepmother threatening others.) The prince, Gabriel, is a nice guy, betrothed to a Russian princess he has yet to meet, and also ruled by his responsibilities, even though he'd rather be an archeologist. They're so attracted to one another but each one is so honorable and mature about their duty. Well, mostly. To start with.

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