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One of the best things about Russian women is that things that western women would consider physical flaws do not bother them. Being a little overweight or being older does not necessarily present a problem where they are concerned. The most important thing to them is children and family, not looks. A man who can provide a stable home and be a great father is more attractive than a Brad Pitt look alike. That means that one does not have to look like a god to make the connection he is looking for.

Russian women are not very different as far as character is concerned. Like all women, they like to chat as well as shop. However, they tend to be more tolerant and patient in difficult circumstances, which is a good thing. Additionally, they are well educated, chic, and smart. For most of these women, a man from the West is a great choice because they tend to treat them well and have more money to spend on them.

They have the opportunity for a better life than if they married a man from their home country.

The world is becoming smaller by the day with the internet bringing people from various cultures together on a daily basis. Getting a Russian woman is therefore not a far-fetched idea anymore. Better yet, you do not have to travel all the way to Russia in order to meet the woman of your dreams. The internet provides these opportunities for you at a fraction of the cost. There are things to consider when thinking about this such as the cultural and personality differences that may arise.

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On Clinton's perjury and Republican hypocracy.

2004-02-25 10:11:15 by muad_dib

Let us not forget that the "Whitewater" investigation, spearheaded by the Republicans, was about an "alleged" shady land deal that the Clinton's were supposed to have profited from illegally.
Since they pubbies couldn't find anything to nail the Clinton's on, because they found out that the Clinton's actually lost money on the land deal, they didn't want to look like stooges so they kept o...f...you know evidence.
But to your point...Why haven't we captured Osama yet? Why didn't Shrubby capture Osama before he started an invasion in Iraq? It's strange that you accuse Bill Clinton of not getting Osama, but Dubya gets a free pass for not finishing a job that he initiated. How long have we been on the ground in Afghanistan, and why has it taken sooooo long.
Now why is that?

DeLay suggests may be headed for hotter water-2

2005-04-10 17:49:53 by peacewar

DeLay has plenty to explain already. Last week, still more questions about the congressman's ethics emerged when The New York Times reported that his wife and daughter have collected $500,000 in fees from DeLay's political-action and campaign committees since 2001. DeLay and his aides mounted a fierce counterattack, pointing to numerous examples of family members of Democrats who did the same th...ter the trip.
DeLay's spokesman, Dan Allen, said Naftasib's business interests were irrelevant to DeLay. "The main purpose of the trip was to talk about religious persecution," he said. But DeLay's many political enemies in Washington aren't likely to buy that explanation. And the one man who may know best so far isn't talking, except to those he invites to his restaurant for lunch


2001-11-08 14:26:54 by MarrsPiece

by Jim Marrs ( /> “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Philosopher George Santayana
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