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Samuel Koteliansky — A Russian Jew in Bloomsbury

Kot & Katherine Mansfield

Samuel Koteliansky was never a major figure in the Bloomsbury circle. Author Leon Edel never even mentions him in Bloomsbury: A House of Lions, his masterful portrait of the loose affiliation of writers and artists associated with the London-based Bloomsbury circle. Neither is Koteliansky mentioned in the other books about Bloomsbury on my shelf.

We owe it to writer Galya Diment, author of the 2011 book A Russian Jew of Bloomsbury: The Life and Times of Samuel Koteliansky (published by McGill-Queen’s University Press), for shining a welcome spotlight on this intriguing and worthy subject, who was an important influence on D. H. Lawrence and a friend to Katherine Mansfield, H. G. Wells, Mark Gertler and other prominent figures of his day.

Kot — he acquired that nickname because few of his British friends could spell or pronounce his full surname — was born in Ostropol in 1880 and arrived in London in 1911, having already devoured all of the major works of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky and other Russian writers in their originals. The Diaghilev Ballet was then at the height of popularity in London and the British public was just entering into a mania for all things Russian, just as it had done for all things Japanese in an earlier era.

Source: BillGladstone.ca

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