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Although, if you think about it, and now he is not poor: removed quite comfortable apartment in Guadalajara, he and Raquel go to expensive restaurants, and Antonio wants a wife left her job after the wedding ... Yet she, Martha, nude russian girls, would have behaved differently - would not be permanent, like Raquel, repeat all and sundry about how it is madly in love with her future husband ...And here it is easy to trace, calling from Acapulco where he was from some customers - I'm not able to put things on the eve of the wedding - with displeasure thought Martha. "But Rachel, Rachel! .. She, petite russian girls, Even a person changes when the phone, picks it up ...- Yes, dear, I bought ... Very nice! I hope you enjoy ... Do not be late? A plane cannot be late? Comes the judge, and the groom is not ... Tomorrow the first flight? Antonio, I love you ... I love ...Rachel felt that Martha was ...nd her father. Well, Martha, sexy russian girls, it is clear: she is alone with his father, and she will probably need to go to work to keep the house. His father a bottle and a lover of bad expectations. Of course, Raquel will not leave them after marriage, will, as far as it will allow funds to help them ... But as everything goes, only God knows. Once react to all her future husband. An idle sister, father, who even before the wedding do not know where dwells - "It's probably already celebrating the wedding of his beloved daughter!" - Not without malice said Martha. "Jealous, as always, " - thought Raquel, russian girls in bikinis, quietly looking at his sister, and I could not resist her overwhelming sense of:- Oh, Martha! Tomorrow is my wedding. I cannot believe ... And we will spend their honeymoon in the Kan-Coons ...Villa Lombardo family is buried in verdure.

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2003-06-02 19:37:42 by hollerifyouhearme

I am watching discovery channel right now and getting a bit on the depressed side. They are showing these successful older guys who are getting women from Russia to be their brides. One guy is not too cute and his ugly personality somewhat shows already. The other guy is cute and a millionaire. It sort of sucks to think that these men are willing to spend thousands of dollars going to another country to find a woman. Its a bit depressing to think that even though I have a lot of qualities, those kind of men are not tracking me down because I am not the model type. Sigh. A bit depressing, yes.

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