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Vale de Misery Street was lit lanterns sets. In the midst of all the carnivals entertained the townspeople, going to restaurants and taverns are located on all corners. Everywhere could be heard singing, dancing, ringing Bokalo approached the tavern "Red Mask", Angelica, russian women nude, noticed that near the front doors could be seen going on something incredibly white caps, some silhouettes. Neighboring innkeeper and the servants, armed with anything, attack the tavern door "Red Mask".-R-We do not know - what to do, - said one of the approaching Mr. Angelica - these "devils" locked door on the side. In addition, they are armed, they pistols.- It is necessary to call the guard! - Exclaimed Angelique, beatiful russian women.- David ran, - said one - but to no avail. The owner of a nearby tavern said in an undertone:- Servant of "devils, " warned the city guard met them on the street Triperi. They said that the owners are in the tavern of "The Red Mask", and the royal entourage and security immediately turned back not wanting to run up against trouble. David ran Chatelet, but it was refused, saying that it sa must deal with their customers.

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