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When Putin Becomes Religion
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Pussy Riot have been found guilty of “religious hatred” for their February 21 protest at the Christ the Savior Cathedral. Here’s the offending 55 seconds of performance that got them into so much trouble:

The case itself is troubling for many reasons. For one, Pussy Riot are clearly not expressing hatred of Orthodox Christianity, but they are clearly protesting the Church’s close relationship to Vladimir Putin. Hating Putin is not hating religion, unless Putin is now religion. That’s something that could possibly have worrying consequences if it goes much further.

But of course there’s more. Pussy Riot have been turned into a cause célèbre by the West’s pop culture mavens. Madonna, Paul McCartney, Bjork, even Sting — who apparently learned his lessons after screwing up in Kazakhstan — have publicly issued statements supporting the fem-punkers.

And that’s all well and good. Pussy Riot are being unjustly persecuted (in the U.S. they’d have been given a slap on the wrist and a fine and let go), and it’s appropriate to protest when that happens. But there’s also an uncomfortable Kony 2012 aspect to the Pussy Riot protests as well.

Source: Registan.net

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