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Russian women refined manners and excellent knowledge of English may also have helped him establish good in my opinion. Listening to a woman, he quietly respectful and attentive, his face reflected a sincere pleasure. When he says something to the woman, his voice sounded soft, velvety tone, to whom, no matter what we say, it's hard to resist. He speaks English perfectly, and it certainly contributes to its charm and is one of its undeniable merits. I have often heard about the extraordinary ability to absorb the Italians, our strong, tough northern tongue, but before he met with Count Fosco I have never believed that any foreigner could speak English so brilliantly, as he owns it. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that it is not our countryman, his pronunciation is so there is no foreign accent, with regard to fluency, then there are few Englishmen who would speak in English so freely and eloquently, as a graph. Sometimes in the construction of his sentences, there is something vaguely foreign, but I've never heard that he used the wrong expression, or it difficult to choose the right word.

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Noam Chomsky In India

2001-11-26 09:22:24 by and911

September 11th and Its Aftermath: Where is the World Heading?
Noam Chomsky
Public Lecture at the Music Academy, Chennai (Madras), India: November 10, 2001
Presented by Frontline magazine and the Media Development Foundation and supported by 22 representative organizations
(As he takes his position at the lectern in an overflowing auditorium, Noam Chomsky is greeted in tra...claimed by intellectual opinion in the West. These developments could prove very important if the momentum can be sustained in ways that deepen the bonds of sympathy and solidarity and interaction that have been developing. And I think it’s fair to say that the future of our endangered species may be determined in no small measure by how these popular forces evolve [prolonged audience applause].

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