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Pussy Riot: Your Daughter’s New Super Heroes
The New York Times have called them the resurrection of punk. The likes of Paul McCartney and Madonna have supported them. Pussy Riot, the radical all girl punk-rock activist group is taking the Russian government by storm. Their message is less about the music and more about what they’re doing. I’m pretty sure these women are the epitome of female empowerment and as role models for young girls in a world filled with oversexualized media, they’re refreshing.

In a video where three of the girls in the band were interviewed by The Guardian, one of the girls going by ‘”Squirrel, ” said, “Women are sick of (Putin’s) sexist regime, with the political system and with religion at the same time.”

In the same video “Sparrow” said that one of the main ideas of the group is to remain anonymous. All of the members wear brightly colored masks. When asked why Squirrel responded “Because we’re bright!” In a country deeply distrustful of feminism, the members of the band are extremely brave. Though you may not agree with their “feminists gone wild” approach to their cause, it’s hard not to like

Source: Mommyish

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Of course, Chaplin also refused

2010-10-19 21:03:27 by -

To temper his left-leaning activity once the Cold War set in. He opposed the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947. In 1948 he donated to Henry Wallace’s Progressive campaign for President, and the following year he endorsed the meetings of two international Communist-front organizations. And the political climate in America had shifted dramatically. Just as ideas that had been popular ...t not building weapons of destruction for the sole purpose of mass killing? Has it not blown unsuspecting women and little children to pieces? And done it very scientifically? As a mass killer, I am an amateur by comparison.” American moviegoers spurned what seemed like a justification for murder and an indictment of the United States. The audience at the New York premiere actually hissed.

Slav/Slave is the parent word of slave,

2009-06-06 13:58:42 by Wizard-2

Not the other way around. Check your dictionary. An exp. good one is Black's Law Dictionary. The earlier editions seem to be more thorough.
The Ottoman invaded, conquered and colonized Turkey, Constantinople and parts of Greece beginning in 1453. There were 30-million Greek Catholic civilians in that conquered area. In the 1 year spanning 1453-1454, the Ottoman summarily executed 20-millio...at he did to the descendents of the Christian women?
I have no idea who Muscovy is. It sounds like the name of the Russian capital. Who was Muscovy? The king of the 5-million Rus a thousand years ago? Such is the message which your writing conveys.
Sharing knowledge is my point. Such should be obvious to you.
So, convince me that I am wrong. AND ANSWER THE REST OF MY QUESTIONS!

You're annoyed that I'm ignorant?

2006-11-06 11:34:18 by CuriousKitti

THAT's your big problem? What about MoodIndigo saying Elena wasn't clear on the concept? Is she ignorant too? How did she escape your wrath?
Male models being used as ball boys at this week's end-of-season WTA Championships need to keep their minds on the job and not be distracted by the female players, world number eight Elena Dementieva said on Monday.
"We were practising the o...nation towards me? Elena is upset that young guys with little training are distracted by pretty girls playing tennis. Maybe I'm not the one who is a bit out of touch with reality, maybe its her. Its not as if tennis players go running around in beekeeper outfits. They are really fit young women wearing shorts or tiny skirts.
AND Maybe you should just lighten up. And by all means ignore me.

Well, I suppose that they were't necessary

2009-08-06 16:51:48 by grativo

If you were willing to accept 1 mil casualties and 150K dead on US side alone if there was a bloody conquest of the home islands, which was what US intelligence was estimating.
Actually I'd somewhat argue that in hindsight atom bombs were somewhat of a good thing for Japan in the long run because it kept the home islands as a single political unit, and Japan wasn't divided up into zones of...ldiers would commit atrocities against them. We know that they were telling them that to encourage people to resist US. Well, considering that estimated 1 in 5 Okinawan women were raped by US soldiers during the battle of Okinawa and over 1000 rapes of Japanese civilians by US soldiers were reported to the authorities in just the Kanegawa prefecture in 1946, you tell me if that was complete B.S.

Russian Olympic Champions Receive Brand New Audi Cars  — Empowered News
Russian Leader Vladimir Putin Expects to Win at The Coming Election Russian Women Online Dating Background Checks And Blacklists Available Now AutoSale101 Allows Customers to Buy Cars the Easy Way Automobile Sales Soar High With Fuel ...

A young Russian woman, smuggled into America by human traffickers, and a notorious Egyptian transporter, hired to drive her from the Mexican
CARGO — Official Trailer
Sexiest Girls Doing Wrestling Fight Go-Here: bit.ly See some best clips at the link.
Two Young Ladies Fighting Wrestle.
Here is some newer footage of girls gymnastics in Woodinville, WA. The Kids Who Rip DVDs are available on Amazon: KWR DVD Vol. 1 & 2: www
Girls Gymnastics: Kids Who Rip - Talented Young Gymnasts

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In Afghanistan gang-rape victims demand severe punishments for the people involved in the crime. Two girls, thirteen and twelve years old, were
Young Afghan girls who are gang-raped by warlords cry for justice

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